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During the last few years, the demand for Baby&Maternal products keep on increasing due to the Chinese government released the Second-Child policy. As to the citizens’ consumption level raised and consumption conception changed now, the maternity clothes, maternity skin care and healthy electric appliances for baby & maternal became the hot sales commodities in the consuming market, and the products which are good for the healthy of maternity increased by fastest  
                   In the old ages, there are lots of taboos about the gestation care, for example, people believe that using hair dryer is harm to the gravida and fetus, that’s all because the traditional hair dryers will always create EMF radiation while using, and people cannot find a real non-radiation hair dryer in the market. Good news is, more and more Hi-tech are focus on healthy product industry, and now SIAU company present the 1st Non-radiation hair dryer in the world which may provide a non-radiation and safe experience to the gravidas and babies.       
                  Since consumers would like to pay more attention to their healthy and life quality now, we believe the healthy product as well as the whole Baby&Maternal business will keep on growing in high speed, that’s really a good news for babies and gravidas. We are looking forward our Non-radiation hair will benefit more gravidas and help them to be the most beautiful pregnant ladies.  
                  We are so glad to see that more and more Baby&Maternal stores are satisfied with SIAU Non-radiation hair dryers, and we will be always in position to provide our best service to our honor customers.